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Hand Forged Spears

Early Viking
Leaf Bladed Spear
Item #VLBS

Hand Forged
1065 Medium Carbon Steel
Fully Hardened & Tempered

Hand Rubbed
400 Grit Finish
Razor Sharp

4" Blade
7 1/2" Overall
1" Socket Opening

Sized Perfectly For A
6' Throwing/Stabbing Spear




Hand Forged Axes


Laminated Viking Hand Axe
Item # LVHA

Hand Forged
Cutting Edge is 2 3/4"
Head is 6" in Length

Medium Carbon Steel Body
1095 High Carbon Steel Edge Forge Welded In

Differentially hardened and tempered to leave the edge harder than the body of the axe allowing for good edge holding, but a tough axe.

Blade is blued and oiled for rust resistance.

Handle is 17" straight grained high density cherry, double wedged for safety.




Hand Forged Knives

Norse Hand Forged Two (2) Seax Set
Item #N2SS
Hand forged, these beautiful scramaseax are comprised of high carbon steel blades w/ oak handles.  Handles are attached with copper rivets.  Hand sanded to a 400 grit finish, both have nice bright blades.  Both seax have full tangs that start at around 3/16" thick and are still around 1/8" thick where the spine drops to the point.  While both are very nicely tempered, the larger of the two has been differentially tempered so that the blade is harder for a nice edge while the spine still has flex.  The larger one also features a 1/4" lanyard hole at the base of the handle.

Deer Leg Bone Seax
Item #DLBS 

Born in the charcoal forge, this magnificent hand forged seax pays homage to the early Iron Age Norse Blacksmiths.

1084 high carbon steel blade is differentially tempered for maximum edge holding ability while still retaining maximum toughness.

Hafted with a deer leg bone, rawhide and sinew (the waxed linen type).

Blade still retains some hammer marks on the blade sides, and for extra character the blade has been aged chemically to give it a nice patina.

Shipped razor sharp and ready to give you many years of service.


Click image for an enlarged view of the Seax.

Malay Golok
Tribal Knife
Item # MGTK

Inspired by tribal knives from the far eastern jungles, this blade is built to chop!

Hand Forged
5160 High Carbon Spring Steel
Distal Tapered for Balance

16" Overall Length
11" Razor Sharp Blade

Mahogany Handle with Brass Pins
Hand Carved Neo-Tribal Style Mahogany Sheath
Includes Hand Braided Hemp Carry Strap


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Hand Forged
Gentleman's Seax
Item # HFGS

Composite Patternwelded
4 forgewelded and twisted billets comprised of 4 layers 1084 and 3 layers 15N20 each are forgewelded together to create this incredible eye catching pattern.

Handle is Gaboon Ebony
Stainless Steel Fittings with a German silver pin.
Presentation Grade Finish



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