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Below are the styles of Gauntlets and Demi Gauntlets designed for SCA combat that we are currently producing.
Please inquire for current construction times before ordering


Clamshel lGauntlets.jpg
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**Please indicate the size that you would like when ordering.  Small, medium, large, etc**
**Please inquire about current construction times before ordering*

Clamshell Gauntlets
Items # CSHG
These hand crafted 16g mild steel clamshell gaunltets feature finely tuned & articulated 5 lame full finger protection, a floating thumb plate, metacarpal plate, and ridged cuff plate w/ leather articulation. As opposed to dishing, each pair of gauntlets are hand raised on a ball stake to create the shape of each plate.   In this manner the steel of each plate is work hardened making for a stronger plate which will hold its shape longer.  This technique also leaves the exterior surface with a nice hand hammered look/feel which is very attractive and period.  The finger lames and thumb plates are articulated using 5/32" steel rivets while the cuff is connected to the metacarpal plate using a 9oz leather and 8d "arming rivets".  The gauntlets come unstrapped so that the buyer may custom fit them to their liking.  These clamshell gauntlets very maneuverable, competitive hand protection and are perfectly suited for SCA Heavy Combat.

Demi Gauntlets

HIGH QUALITY 5 piece articulated demi gauntlets. These demi gauntlets are constructed of 16 gauge plate steel with steel rivets and are handforged. They are fully functional and have EXECELLENT articulation. They can be ordered with or without a raised thumb while the ridged cuff is standard. The demi gauntlets come unstrapped so that the buyer may custom fit them as they like. Available in Extra Small, Small, Medium, Large, & Extra Large. Please state size when ordering.  Please allow three weeks for construction before shipment.

Demi-Gauntlets Plain
16 gauge

Item # DG-PL



Demi-Gauntlets w/Raised Thumbs
16 gauge

Item # DG-RT



"Beautiful demi-gauntlets...feels made just for me! Excellent quality!....Damm good armourer!" -- Charles P. -- LA

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